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(408) 482-8772




Company Info:

Sylvester Consulting

dba - One Weapon Any Tool

Serving the Central Valley of California


Courses held in:  

Lathrop - Valley Springs - Jackson - Linden


Best time to call is Monday - Saturday 0800 to 1900 hours.  (8AM to 7 PM)





During Course Instruction

After 1900 hours (7PM) PST


One Weapon Any Tool, registered as a limited company in California

Registered Company in Valley Springs, CA

VF 1-7-02 Special 2

Refund & Deposit Policy:


Unless otherwise specified, each course will require a non refundable deposit to secure your seat in the course.  You may register without a desposit, but seats are only considered reserved when a deposit is recieved.  


Deposits are non-refundable.  You may apply your deposit towards a future course, but Sylvester Consulting & One Weapon Any Tool does not give refunds unless a course is cancelled by an instructor due to unforseen circumstances.  


Course refunds may be requested in writing if you are disastisfied.  Each request will be reviewed by management for validity.  Course refunds may only be granted if recieved in writing prior to the start of the course.  If you complete a course, you are not eligible for a refund.  You may request retraining or follow up training only, at the instructor's or management's discretion.


If you are ejected from a course due to a safety violation such as unsafe range behavior or violation of basic handgun safety rules, you are not eligible for a refund, nor will you be eligible for retraining.  All course materials are forfeit.