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The following is a synopisis of the courses we offer.  Review each description to decide what course is right for your skill level.  Some courses may require pre-requisite training.

nra-basic-pistol ppihbed

This is a basic course for new handgun owners or new shooters.  Course topics cover:  Safety, nomenclature, loading, unloading, cleaning and maintenance, ammunition types, and firearm selection.  

4 hours of classroom instruction - 4 hours of range time

Revolver or Semi-Auto

150 Rounds of live fire practicing fundamentals of marskmanship!

Course material printed by the NRA

NRA Basic Pistol - Handgun Foundations

This course if designed to raise your situational awareness in and around your home.  Make your home safer, more secure and devlope contingency plans when faced with a threat to you or the ones you love.  

Practical, realistic scenarios and courses of fire.

4 hours classroom - 4 hours range time

Course material printed by the NRA.

Personal Protection In The Home

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"Excellent instructor... he taught my daughter and son-in-law shotgun shooting.  I highly recommend Scott and his courses."

- D. Serbantes

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Security Shotgun teaches you to make the most of this versatile and dynamic defensive platform.  Learn how to function, feed and fight with your pump, or semi-suto shotgun.  Learn the practical uses and penetration values of this platform so you can maximize its potential.  


Safety Brief, nomenclature and lots of range time!  

Home Defense Shotgun  


Gun-proof! Kids & Guns


Eddie Eagle

Rifle Craft:  AR-15

A basic course for California Carbine owners and operators.  Covers operations and applications for the AR-15 series rifles.  


From setup, operations, working with a sling, zeroing, malfunctions, and transitions to a handgun, this is a great course for AR owners!  


Safety Brief and 8 hours of range time.

bulletbuttonsss Eddie_20Eagle

A special course for kids ages 7 to 10 years old and thier parent.  This is a introduction to firearms and a firearms safety course designed for kids!


Featuring Eddie Eagle, your child will learn what to do if they find a gun.  With parent participation and supervision, your child will learn basic safety rules and dispel the myths and mystique surrounding firearms.  


Gunproof your child with Kidproof training!

Women's Only Courses

One Weapon Any Tool offers closed range courses for women who want to learn to shoot.  No husbands or boyfriends allowed!


Come and learn in a friendly, female only, no pressure environment.  Mother's who bring thier daughter to a course are eligable for discounted rates for both shooters.  


Inquire via email or call for more information!


Pistol Craft:  Level 2

Offensive Pistol

This is a course for intermediate level shooters looking to push themselves and their pistol platfrom to the next level.

Shooting under stress, faillure drills, reloads, positions, multiple threats, barricades and more.  Lots of fast paced shooting designed to challenge you and take your gun handling skills to the next level.  


Safety brief and lots of range time.  

Home Defender

Are you or your company looking to be certified in Basic First Aid, CPR and AED operations?  One Weapon, Any Tool now offers these courses.  in one 9 hour training session you can achieve all three certifications including adult, child, and infant CPR.  Our course is backed the American Health Safety Institute (ASHI).  


Call today to learn how to save a life, or to schedule your group or organization for training.  


This course meets the OSHA guidelines for job site safety and training.  

One Weapon Any Tool provides a site assessment of your home and how to improve security.  

Assessment includes training on using your handgun/shotgun/rifle in your home, keeping you family secure, house clearing and doing optional force on force scenario training (Airsoft).  

If you are serious about home defense and protecting your loved ones, this follow up course is for you!  After practicing at your home we'll head to the range for live fire exercises as well.

Call to schedule.


First Aid - CPR and AED Training


"This is the law:  The purpose of fighting is to win.  There is no victory in defense. The sword is more important that the shield, and skill is more important that either. The final weapon is the brain.  All else is supplemental."

John Steinbeck