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Mewith-IS3 VF 1-7-06

Growing up I've had a passion for firearms and shooting sports.  As a Peace Officer I've deployed my pistol, shotgun and rifle in real world, and in real threat situations.  I've designed my courses to replicate situations you will face.  


I am a NRA and POST Certified Instructor in Defensive Tactics, Use of Force, and Firearms with 18 years of concealed carry experience.  I want to make sure my students are focused mentally and prepared to protect themselves and thier loved ones.

Scott Sylvester - Owner & Lead Instructor


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Warrior Mindset


Whether you are a civilian, military or law enforcement, everyone needs to be aware of the threats around them.  An awareness of your environment to real or potential threats is the key to staying safe at home and on the streets.  


Such awareness can help you avoid or escape a confrontation all together.  It can give you time to prepare or initiate a response.  

Having a plan, practicing to respond, contemplating scenarios and realistic training can give you the edge you need to come out

the victor and not the victim!  


It has been said that chance favors the well prepared mind.  No warrior goes into battle without being intimately familiar with the tools of his trade, nor having anticipated the enemy and laid plans for success.


Train for the battlefields you traverse daily, Fight when you have no alternative and WIN no matter what.  Never give up!  Your loved ones are counting on you.  




VF 1-7-04 v2

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